From Chaos to Calm: Tips for Preparing for Your Family Portrait Session

Family portraits can be really daunting... and expensive. Especially if you have kids.

Wrangling kids, coordinating outfits, and braving the unknown can turn a fun memory into a stressful experience. That said, with the proper preparation, your family portrait session can unfold much differently – and who knows, maybe even enjoyable! Here are some tips to transform photo day and get the most out of your family photos:

  • Be the Calm in the Storm: Kids pick up on our energy. If you're feeling stressed, they will too. Take a deep breath and approach the session with a positive attitude. Your relaxed demeanor will set the tone for a smoother experience.
  • Plan for Success: Schedule your session for a time of day when everyone is usually well-rested and happy. Avoid nap times or hungry tummies! If you have young children, a short play session beforehand can help them burn off some steam.
  • Wardrobe Coordination, Not Matching: Instead of identical outfits, opt for a color palette that complements each other. Think neutrals with pops of color, or similar tones in different patterns. Avoid busy prints that can clash in photos.
  • ** bribery** (Shhh, it's a secret weapon!): Pack a small bag of tricks to keep the little ones engaged. Favorite toys, bubbles, or a promise of a post-session ice cream treat can work wonders for smiles and cooperation.
  • Capture the Candid Moments: Don't stress about perfectly posed photos. The most cherished images are often the candid ones that capture your family's natural interactions. Let your photographer capture genuine smiles, hugs, and playful moments.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your family portrait session is a positive and memorable experience. Remember, the goal is to capture the love and connection between your family members, and with a little preparation, you can create beautiful photos that will be treasured for years to come.